Best Rental Car Company

Best Rental Car Company:

I know that my favorite for now is SilverCar

If you’re anything like me, you like peace of mind, as few surprises as possible, quality, fair customer service, and above all, you value your time. This holds particularly true when reserving a rental car. In the past, at least one, and typically many of the above values were sacrificed during my car rental experience.

Exhibit A: This past spring I had a 7am flight out of Charlotte, NC. I was instructed that I had to find a gas station within 10 miles of the rental car facility and fill the rental car with gas on that exact date (not 11:59pm the night before) and provide the receipt from the gas station as proof. WHY??? Because these days, with the fuel efficient cars, one can get away with up to an extra 50-100 miles before returning their car and the gas gauge will still read F (for full). So, NEW RULES. This rule had me scampering around the Charlotte airport at 4:30am trying to find an open gas station.

Suffice it to say, I found another way…SilverCar


Before I get into all the reasons I loved my first experience with SilverCar last week, I’ll first paste here SilverCar’s gas policy: “Your other option [if you don’t fill it yourself] is to return the car with whatever’s left in the tank. Silvercar will refill it and charge you the gas cost plus a very reasonable $5 service fee. … If you return a traditional rental car less than full, they will charge an exorbitant rate per gallon to refill the car.”

 Best Rental Car Company


More on the Best Rental Car Company:

The SilverCar personal concierge (Tom) picked my wife and me up outside the rental car area at the PHX airport and drove us to our Audi A4 Quattro S line.




Since it was my first time, I was shown how to quickly use the SilverCar App to unlock the car and finish any necessary paperwork so that next time I can simply get off the airplane, go to my car, use the QR code on my phone and on the car to unlock it, and drive away!


silvercar checkout


My wife, Ali, scanning the QR code on the car to unlock it for us. I have a silly Windows phone that doesn’t support SilverCar’s App (it doesn’t support my Yahoo Fantasy Football, Uber, or Lyft apps either so…)

silvercar at resort


The Audi A4 Quattro S line is the only car SilverCar offers and it’s terrific. In case you were wondering, they are all Silver.


I’ll let you do some more research on Best Rental Car Company aka SilverCar yourself, but I’ll leave you with some basic information. As always, feel free to leave questions/comments below and I’ll answer them asap.

  • $69/day is the retail price
  • if you are a Chase Ritz Carlton or Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card holder you receive all the benefits of being a Visa Infinite member and that includes 30% off SilverCar always/every time using the promo code VINFINITE during booking
  • best rental car company
  • The car comes loaded with features and it’s simply an awesome, awesome car to drive. It comes with WiFi, GPS, and Satellite Radio. It has a Sun roof. The back seats fold down so you can fit your golf clubs with ease 🙂
  • It is sometimes possible, and we were lucky enough, to receive an even bigger discount. In our particular case, we had to wait for 10-15 minutes and the car had not been completely detailed when we arrived. We were treated with bottles of water and a comfy couch with college football. The nice SilverCar employee offered us an even bigger discount on top of our Visa Infinite discount (without me asking for anything).

silvercar receipt


To conclude, whether or not you have felt the pain of rental car companies antics in the past – SilverCar is a new and different option that might be a good fit for you. In my opinion, they are the Best Rental Car Company. They are currently in 14 major airports and growing rapidly. They have a big presence in my home airport – Denver International Airport. My wife and I had a great first time experience with them and I highly recommend SilverCar to you for your future rental needs.


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