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Personalized Travel Coaching

For Fun 10 - 20 Minutes Could Save You Hundreds


  • Schedule your FREE 20-minute Video consultation
    • Answers to your specific travel questions
    • Learn more about Personalized Travel Coaching
    • Introduction to developing a portfolio of currency: points and miles
    • Basic strategies to help you travel more for less
  • Take the Travel Challenge
    • Think about and make a basic plan for your next real/hypothetical trip
    • Share your plan with me (I may ask a few clarifying questions)
    • Sit back and relax
    • Within 7 days I will e-mail you with a minimum of 1 exact way for you to save money and I’ll tell you how much you will save by making that tweak


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  • Spend an hour with me, take notes, and record the session
    • Learn how to maximize your return on investment (ROI) for the money you already spend
    • Get and use the best and most relevant resources
    • Optimize travel strategies for you and your family
    • Learn how to improve your credit score for good
    • Add to your new portfolio of currency: earn more points and miles
    • Take action: book your dream vacation
    • Enroll in loyalty and rewards programs
    • Join frequent flyer programs
  • Communicate via Video hosting software (same as Skype)
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