Kendall E

Hi, my name is Kendall Erskine, and I can’t wait to tell you about how much money Ben saved us on a recent trip. Last year my fiancé and I went to Lake Como, Italy on a dream trip. There are three things that really stick out in my mind about how Ben helped us. The first is the location on Lake Como that he suggested to us. Instead of going to the most popular part of Lake Como which is Bellagio, Ben really listened to our needs as a couple: we’re very low key, we don’t want to be in the fanciest area, we really wanted somewhere that felt like it was our own and that was off the beaten path. And so he sent us to Varenna, which is an absolutely gorgeous part of the lake.

The second thing was the accommodations Ben made for us. Instead of staying in a hotel, which we were typically used to, Ben actually set up this beautiful condo slash Villa. It was amazing. We walked in, it was modern, it was beautiful, and the best part was when we walked out on our patio and we saw the lake, just breathtaking view of Lake Como. We couldn’t have picked a better place if we invented it in our own heads.

The third thing that was truly amazing was how much money Ben saved us on this trip. From our accommodations, to the different places we went to visit, site tours, the restaurants we ate at, we really saved a lot of money — to the point where we could afford [to buy extra] things like artwork that we wouldn’t have before and now we have beautiful keepsakes of our wonderful trip to Lake Como and we have Ben to thank for that. So, thank you Ben so much for everything you’ve done, and we can’t wait to do another trip with you.