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Travel Challenge: 5-minutes to potentially hundreds in savings

Everyone likes a good challenge right? Let’s have some FUN! I challenge you to:

  1. Think about and make a basic plan for your next real/hypothetical trip
  2. Share your plan with me (I may ask a few clarifying questions)
  3. Sit back and relax
  4. Within 7 days I will e-mail you with a minimum of 1 exact way for you to save money and I’ll tell you how much you will save by making that tweak.

What’s in it for me? It’s a GAME and I’m on your team and want to help you WIN. If you like what you see, I invite you to refer me to your friends and family.



    How many people in your party?

    Where are you traveling from and where do you want to travel to?

    When will you travel?

    How long will you stay?

    How will you get there?

    Where do you want to stay when you arrive?

    What will you do while on your trip?

    How will you get around while on your trip?

    Enter here any relevant loyalty or reward program data:

    How much does it cost?

    Airfare with baggage fees?:

    Excursions/activities selected?:

    File Upload:

    What other specific preferences do you have for your trip?