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Travel Tools:

Using Mint and AwardWallet to stay organized.

We all have some way that we organize our finances. Some of us do it ourselves, some hire it out. Some use software like Quicken, others make their own excel spreadsheets. Whatever the case, it’s important to organize finances. I use two travel tools to organize all of my miles, points, loyalty programs, account numbers, passwords, etc etc. In this post I’ll share with you how I manage to keep all of my travel finances in check.

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How two travel tools, Mint and AwardWallet FREE services organize my financial life:

 Travel tools

My vision is to be able to see all of my balances – real money and travel money – in one place. I settle for two travel tools. I use Mint for real money and AwardWallet for travel money, which comes in the form of miles, points, free hotel nights, etc. etc. Both of these services are FREE and I choose to upgrade to an AwardWallet Plus account for $5 every 6 months in order to receive extra benefits as seen below:

Travel tools

Travel tools

Another benefit of AwardWallet that will leave you feeling like a travel champion is traveling with the AwardWallet OneCard:           Travel tools

The AwardWallet OneCard is a credit card sized plastic card with a magnetic strip (which enables you to check in for your flights at airport kiosks). The card will have your personal account numbers and program phone numbers printed on the front and back sides. The card can contain up to 30 different loyalty program accounts listed.


Check out AwardWallet FAQ’s to learn all about the full benefits of what AwardWallet can do for you.


Below is a glimpse of my AwardWallet account. It’s separated into major categories: Airlines, Hotels, and Credit Cards. One can manage multiple persons reward programs from a single account. So, if you want to track family members’ accounts all in one place, you have the power to do it! I track all the rewards programs for both myself and my wife through my account. Columns across the top separate the following: Award program, Owner, Account number, Status, Balance, Expiration date, and Last updated. This is by far my favorite travel tool.

Travel tools


Ben’s AwardWallet Account Overview


Travel tools

AwardWallet is constantly evolving and it’s important to use this tool appropriately based on your travel strategies. For example, AwardWallet will also monitor and manage all of your past, current, and future itineraries. You can create travel plans for each of your trips. If an airline changes an itinerary on you, AwardWallet immediately updates and shows all recent changes.

All of this can be managed from the comfort of your desk and on your computer. The plethora of features can certainly be overwhelming and not all are necessary depending on your needs and goals. AwardWallet is arguably the best travel tool out there for tracking and monitoring rewards programs and itineraries as well as providing updated notifications of balance changes and expiration dates. I recommend using it and Mint to organize finances for all of your travel money and real money.

Where you will live once inside Mint:

 Travel tools

Mint allows you to see all your balances — all in one place (for FREE). Mint will automatically pull and organize all your financial accounts, so you can finally get the big picture.

Travel toolsI’m able to give you a snapshot here of the left column of the “overview” page once inside my Mint account. Mint has many features and similar to AwardWallet, it can be used very comprehensively. I would argue that many features are unnecessary and for purposes of traveling more for less, this, the overview page, is where you will live. The arrow above points to the “refresh” and “edit” buttons. These will also be used regularly. This column on the overview page will manage ALL of your cash, credit card, loan, investments, and property information. Most importantly – it tells you updated balance information for all of your accounts. As you can imagine, I have whited out any personal balance information here.

Travel tools

Trick – notice, I change the name of the “Platinum Delta” credit card to distinguish between Ali and myself. This can be achieved in the “edit” page.

Travel tools

Why is all this important? If your goal is to maximize opportunities to travel more for less, this is paramount so to ensure ALL CREDIT CARD BALANCES GET PAID OFF IN FULL EACH MONTH. In addition, it can be tedious going from one account (website) to another to check each credit card account balance. This is your one-stop shop. In another post I will discuss the benefits of using a password manager such as RoboForm to store all of your passwords in one place. A travel tool like this will create extremely difficult password combinations for your safety and security, and it will allow you to login to accounts with the click of a button.

When considering traveling more for less, it’s important to stay organized. This post is meant to give you a glimpse into how I use two travel tools to stay organized. Both of these tools have free versions and have proved safe and secure to me.


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